Organtree launches Blockchain-based communications portal for organ donation.

In the current system the waiting list for receiving an organ around the world is endless. Research from UNOS shows that someone is added to the waiting list every 10 minutes and there are 20 people dying a day whilst waiting. As a result of this a black market has erupted resulting in organ trafficking from poor countries. In 2012 the WHO reported 11,000 illegal organ trades.

Organtree was created to solve these issues by actively making more donors accessible through incentivising methods and by increasing efficiency and security through new technology. The current platform allows donors (who most likely don’t have life insurance) to sign up and assures their family members will be compensated for the donation - helping to pay for bereavement costs. Partnered hospitals and medical entities have access to all donor information and are able to instantly match them to patients in need.

Organtree is aiming to develop the technology further into a Blockchain- based communications portal for the organ donation industry. The purpose is to provide confidential live data of donors and recipients to the partnered medical entities worldwide searching for a potential match and subsequently increasing the amount of donors available.

The Blockchain-based platform is being developed on Block Lattice technology (NANO Blockchain) where each user will be assigned their own Blockchain and the data will be immutably kept on the OGT network.

Smart contracts will facilitate the exchange of data between donors and recipients, allowing hospitals to access patient data if an agreement is made and OGT tokens have been designed to create an ecosystem whereby patients can pay for transplants and donor’s families can be rewarded after cadaveric donations to help pay for bereavement costs.

Organtree does not claim or intend in any way to be an organ trading platform. Their aim is to simply develop a decentralized platform where medical entities and donors can connect directly, and help save lives on a global level. In the future Organtree has planned to use raised funds for R&D into bioprinting of human tissue and organs which will further their goal into making organs more available and eradicate the need for a black market by tracking and vetting every organ.

With the aim of raising funds and awareness they are creating and launching an ICO. The project is currently in pre-ICO stage and will go live on 1st December 2018.


Those interested to contribute can purchase OGT tokens (22,000 OGT/1ETH) and benefit from extra bonuses now. www.ico.organ-tree.