When will it kickoff? It already has! (You just cannot see it yet). Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my role these days is that I get to meet some of the brightest minds in business, not least via ICOrad.io interviews, but also strategy sessions - this last week with a sector leading CEO who others look to for a lead on all things digital.

One of the brightest minds in a sector yet to fully grapple with the last wave of the web who's contemplating the next one. We discuss the opportunities, threats and potential for deep and positive disruption in the sector. Not least the fractionalisation of his major asset base - with deep implications for the way business works in the sector as well as the potential to release and mobilise over half a billion pounds that remains effectively frozen until now. Multiply that be say 400 nationwide and it's not difficult to see how this one application alone of blockchain technology and tokens could make a huge impact not just locally or regionally but nationally. Especially as it bears on a major problem for successive governments and could affect, for the good, millions of households.

As ‘Digital Human’ author and Banking guru Chris Skinner has pointed out the revolution is upon us: “When industries are being rebuilt from the ground-up with new technologies and new business models, then it is a revolution. When we are living in an age where every human on earth can be connected through technology, it is a revolution.”

How, why and where, my interlocutor (let’s call him Jonny) wanted to know does all this ‘energy’, this ‘value’ come from? How come this new technology can do so much more?

A deep question. The answer is not to be found in the code, or studying the technology itself, so much as what it can enable that could not practically be achieved before.

Because the first thing it can do is all-but-remove the frictional forces which add costs and slow everything down, making possible a wide range of things that were intrinsically feasible but totally impracticable. It also brings mesh computing and smart-contract automation to bear at almost zero cost. On top of which tokens allow incentives to be aligned and distributed like never before. In ways that are so far from trivial that what we are talking about is, there is no doubt, a revolution.

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