I’m Benjamin Boyle, COO of Drive Markets, an institutional cryptocurrency exchange that offers a trading and issuer experience more in line with the capital and forex markets. I also own a controlling stake in Caipiteal, a company that uses data analysis to develop advanced investing strategies.

When I was asked to write this piece, I considered what to focus on. I’m passionate about several things: AI, Blockchain, futurology and investing. Instead of just writing about one of these topics I made the decision to try and provide an interesting read to everyone and touch on some of the thought leadership advancements I have made on all of these topics. As I have limited space and people these days have limited attention spans I’ll give some high-level overviews.

Let’s start with A.; We all understand that AI will be the most logical entity when the singularity is finally developed but our thoughts about what happens when the superintelligence does emerge is anything but logical. Many people talk about Terminator and how AI could destroy the human race, but they do not back up this probability with math. In rebuttal to that I propose we think mathematically and logically, as the AI undoubtedly would. Let’s look at what did happen in Terminator, the humans eventually win. Considering this fact AI would obviously decide that there is a non-zero probability that by attacking humans there is a chance it will be destroyed. I would also speculate and say that there is a lower probability of it being destroyed if it is kind to us, as undoubtedly the singularity would understand this. Therefore, simple math would tell us that it is just illogical to believe that AI will be bad to us or make our lives harder.

Now on to Blockchain, let’s talk about the problems, because when I see problems I see money. The Bank of International Settlements came out with a paper outlining all the issues with blockchain recently and it was entirely accurate and to be respected. However, the blockchain reacted negatively to this paper as opposed to seeing opportunity. Whoever releases a cryptocurrency that addresses all the issues in the paper will have the next billion-dollar Blockchain and will overshadow even Bitcoin. Now I’m not going to talk about how you address every issue but I’ll talk about one just to show that it is possible to address these issues. As of right now mining uses excessive amounts of energy essentially to solve an irrelevant mathematical problem that has no utility other than just showing that it has been solved. Now imagine if we could use all this data analysis and energy usage and devise a way to draw utility from mining activities. I’m certain that with the right team in place we could even link it to AI and use the computational power to run complex deep learning algorithms. One of the problems with AI is the power and computational ability is so expensive but we already have people in Blockchain doing it.

Considering we’re talking AI and Blockchain we have now moved into the realms of Futurology and any good futurologist would have to spend a moment talking about simulation theory. There are those who believe we are living in a simulation, odd as that may seem. Indulging this idea, we ought to consider the nature of the simulation. We now have blockchain, so we must consider that any simulation is itself more than just a program that generates each subsequent moment, we must understand that if it is as advanced as futurologists claim it is, then it is highly likely the simulation itself is on a Blockchain. So every moment of your life and every thought you have ever had, has been recorded! Well, it’s a theory - one that fits with Blockchain.

Let’s move away from all this now and talk to you investing nerds. My company Caipiteal has developed strategies that initial back-tests showed how $1 could turn into more money than the entire global economy in less than 5-years. Now that was based on historical data so that obviously couldn’t happen but I wanted to say crazy things are possible. To give you guys a taste of what can happen when you think outside the box here is a simple early strategy I developed that shows how you can relatively easily turn $100 into $1,000,000 with minimal effort. So if you select the right instrument and it rises 190% without a drawdown of 20% you can make $1,000,000 with no effort. Just simply open with 5X leverage, close the trade every 1% gain above the max and reinvest the gains and initial at 5X leverage also. You get exponential growth and after 190% you have $1,000,000 in your pocket.

So that’s a little insight into a few different topics, I hope you got some enjoyment and some value from it.