In the ever-growing blockchain innovation space, there is a lot of noise that ICOs and other new ventures need to cut through, to get noticed by investors and users.

This is mission critical.

Even the best, most innovative, most promising, have to contend with a marketplace where the waters have been muddied by propaganda, some scams or bad actors affecting the reputation of the entire industry – not to mention those who are simply naive.

Because of the need to empower start-ups to achieve greater traction through clarity of communication and transparency, the British Blockchain Association has teamed up with Token Intelligence to provide the means.

Launching at Blockchain Live, the new Blockchain Venture Scheme will support the best, most innovative blockchain ventures, bringing them the credibility and visibility to increase confidence, and harness investments.

The Scheme builds on the BBA’s role promoting and supporting the adoption of blockchain technology across public and private sectors, and as a global hub for blockchain ventures - especially startups.

The scheme will help ensure those creating tokens and blockchain solutions, who embrace transparency best practices, will get the credibility and subsequent visibility they need to succeed.

This unique global initiative is based on Token Intelligence’s new transparency framework, which surfaces and rates a venture’s transparency level. This encourages and supports best practices, and those who apply them, via data and analysis, providing clear signals.

While this transparency analysis is thorough, the output is a clear visualisation as a ‘traffic light’ system, conveying the level of transparency. Green status indicates successful verification; amber flags unverified projects; while red indicates a failure to validate on one score or another. Red flags indicate specific, outstanding, problems with transparency.

As the Global Blockchain Venture Scheme grows the BBA and Token Intelligence will work together to expand the range of offerings are at