Last week we looked at the ICO market right now – there’s no doubt it’s a difficult time out there if you are running, or investing in, ICOs. This week I want to talk about the importance of (credible) influencers in the ICO space.

At the time of writing, the crypto currency markets are still looking concerning. But there are some incredible projects out there, which will disrupt huge markets and deliver great returns post-ICO. At this time when everyone is waiting for everyone else to make moves and predictions, it’s important to align with credible experts and influencers in the space.

Always DYOR – do your own research – as with any investment, but also take heed from credible experts and influencers in the space. Look at those that have been around in the blockchain space for years, and those that know the ICO market well. Don’t be fooled by how many Youtube subscribers they have, most of those could be bought subscribers and the number has no bearing at all on their expertise.

Some of the most knowledgeable and connected people I know in the blockchain world have just a few hundred followers on Twitter. Take Dr Stuart Haber, for example (who some believe could be Satoshi himself!), he co-invented what we now call blockchain yet he has a very low level presence on social media. But if you get the chance to hear him speak or get involved in any of the projects he endorses, you would be looking in the right places.

Thomas Power, another influencer in the world of crypto, is always a step ahead in market shifts and patterns amongst the community, so also worth following and listening to. He doesn’t buy into hype or FOMO, and tells it like it really is.

Align yourself with REAL experts, not Hypers and self-styled gurus, and you could be steered to safety in troublesome waters.