Last week we looked at being at strategic partnerships in ICOs. This week I want to take a bit of a snapshot of the ICO market at the time of writing.

At the time of writing, the crypto currency markets are looking concerning. Those who have been investing in ICOs are putting the brakes on and buying into the FUD, and those running ICOs are worried that they’ve got their timing wrong and may not make their raise. But for a number of reasons I don’t think there is any need for this FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt), and for the smart investors, this is an amazing time to get involved with credible ICO projects. No matter what the cryptocurrency markets are doing, there are still a great number of genuinely brilliant ICO projects out there, with incredible teams, highly relevant business cases, and very well-developed MVPs, and they are looking for your investment and support. Not only that, but with the current fear in the market, there are also some great deals to be had during private sales where bonuses are at an all-time high for early adopters/contributors.

Buying ETH/BC at their current low prices now means you could contribute higher amounts of these cryptos to ICOs and obtain more tokens in the process (many ICOs ask for a certain number of ETH or Bitcoin, as opposed to a fixed Dollar amount, for their minimum contributions, for example). This gives you more bang for buck, more buying power, and the ability to potentially invest in more ICOs than you would/could have done a couple of months ago.

There is no doubt that Blockchain and digital currency is the way forward, so the markets WILL bounce back. And when they do, I for one will be glad that I continued to invest in, and support, the credible ICO projects which are bound to go on to great success, and take my investment with them.