London-based Joseph Crawley heads up the gold mining operations and corporate strategy for Jinbi Token, a UK and Belarus-based gold-backed blockchain business. Jinbi merges traditional gold investment with blockchain technology, which allows the token holder to experience the best of both worlds.

Joseph is an expert in precious metals, trading, and mining and understands well the commodities and finance sectors. He is particularly familiar with working in gold mines in Turkey and Ghana.

He is now co-founder of Jinbi Token, having made the leap into the fast-expanding world of ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Such is the popularity of the proposition, the pre-ICO has already raised $8Million and the main sale, offering tokens up to the value of $88Million, is achieving strong interest globally. The remainder of the tokens are now offered in a main sale that runs through until July 26 2018.

Once the ICO fundraising is complete, the tokens will be available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Joseph Crawley said, “Today, people who wish to buy twenty-four carat gold face a number of challenges. Where do you go to buy gold and how do you know if it is authentic? Is the gold from a trusted source? How do you store it safely? How do you get access to it? The list goes on.

“It is undoubtedly a complex and confusing environment to purchase twenty-four carat gold. If you buy gold with paper contracts, you could be subject to counterparty risk. But what if you owned the physical assets and they were under your control? Transparency is what the gold industry needs desperately, and we are using blockchain as the solution to deliver it.”

The Jinbi token provides both the precious metals investor market and cryptocurrency enthusiast with an advanced value preservation solution, as well as an innovative and accountable structure using a blockchain smart contract. Jinbi expect to generate substantial capital appreciation whilst maintaining an attractive risk profile for investors.

Additionally, Jinbi Token holders are eligible to receive quarterly precious metals and cryptocurrency investment reports. Jinbi Tokens, which are delivered via a smart contract, are documentation of the invested physical gold holdings.

Crawley adds, "We have been overwhelmed by the level of support from our pre-sale and we continue to offer bonus tokens at this early stage of the main public sale.

“The great thing about Jinbi is that tokens will be assigned gold via smart contracts, meaning that each piece of gold will be accounted for, from mining to storage. Blockchain technology provides an easy, safe and simple way to transact in an efficient, anonymous and high-frequency manner through Jinbi.”

Success can only be achieved through teamwork and Joseph’s co-founder is Andre Rafnsson from 2030 who introduced Jinbi to the Pillar Project. Jinbi and Pillar are now working in partnership which means that Jinbi Tokens will be one of the first authorised crypto assets to be listed on the Pillar whitelist exchange.

The Jinbi token will have its own exclusive wallet using Pillar's unique and first to market platform that will provide additional security and transparency to token holders. In addition, Pillar project team members are supporting Jinbi Token as technical experts in blockchain structures and token transaction security. Crawley summarises, “Raising funds though an ICO is a fantastic learning experience. The resources in London are second to none, so it’s a great place for new businesses to thrive.”

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