2018, an evolutionary year for blockchain technology, has seen the growth of next generation blockchain projects all trying to solve issues of mass adoption surrounding usability, scalability and security. Projects focussed on mass adoption and ease of use are high on the agenda of developers and investors alike.

Coinweb, founded in 2017, is building for blockchain’s mass adoption. Their Layer 2 interoperability project boasts a Hyperlayer that sits above route chains (blockchains), seamlessly connecting them. The Coinweb platform supports decentralised apps (DApps) and allows developers the opportunity to build solutions that pick and choose the functionality of the underlying blockchains. Developers can now build across chains in a horizontal capacity, allowing them to select desired functionalities of underlying networks, thereby mitigating the risk of being confined to one chain network that may have scaling or capacity issues, as well as running the more risk of becoming neglected.

The team are committed to making the blockchain more personal by building the namespace for the blockchains to do what the DNS did for the internet. This project is spearheaded by the inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS), Paul Mockapetris.

In parallel, they will be releasing a multi-currency wallet and DEX, as well as enabling users to issue their own branded tokens and smart contracts. The ecosystem makes use of their native token, the XCO.

Coinweb goes a long way to future-proofing solutions built on their platform, Toby Gilbert CEO commented,

Other projects in this space are theoretically strong and have experienced developers but not everyone has experience in shipping product to mass market. Our team is a blend of blockchain developers and experienced consumer technologists. Our CTO, Mike Conte was responsible for Excel, Shopping, Windows and Entertainment at Microsoft, our Chief Tech Architect, Alexander Kjeldaas led Google+ and Google Hangout dev teams and contributed to patching the Bitcoin core, whilst Strategy Director Paul Davis wrote Word for Mac and was Microsoft’s first Windows evangelist. Our team has built products used by hundreds of millions of people everyday.

Our distribution strategy is a deliberate mix of strategic partnerships, community and industry support, layered with an in-house 360Accelerator overseen by Tom Yoritake, founder and MD of Cisco Systems Incubator. The 360Accelerator focuses on helping established businesses and projects with an existing user-base that are looking to integrate blockchain technology. By helping 360Accelerator participants to build on our platform, in turn their users will make use of our technology. We’ve already signed up six projects with combined balance sheets of over $1B and tens of millions of existing users that will make use of blockchain and our products.

The Coinweb private presale has recently opened and more info on Coinweb can be found at coinweb.io