Probably the best gift anyone in finance (and a wide range of other fields) could give themselves right now is a chance to start to get their head around the coming disruption from Blockchain/ distributed ledger technology (DLT). Then they can ride the wave – rather than be engulfed by it. But what if you could get paid for it, too – whether you’re a tech or blockchain specialist or in an entirely different specialism?

Have you ever heard of an industry body giving away money – and not only to industry experts but to the wider ecosystem, too? Or one that provides an open network for the benefit of everyone involved... and rewards them for just joining?

Now’s your chance – to do just that and take away your share of £100,000-worth of the asset backed currency BiPS. You’ll learn a lot... and get Frontier Reward points. Post a question... you’ll get some more. Invite a colleague who could also benefit – some more... and so on!

We’re ‘eating our own dog-food’ because the potential of token such as these is vast – as anyone who’s had a brush with nudge economics will know. The opportunity to share the benefits by incentivising people to do things that help them and help the ecosystem – the network – so they’ll want to do them again.

Innovators are nudging us towards better health and healthier lives. We’d like to nudge you towards some fascinating insights and a better understanding of the future of both the internet and the future economy.

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By Barry E James, founding chair, British Blockchain & Frontier Technology Association (